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Karma2: Provenance Management for Data-Driven Workflows

Yogesh L. Simmhan, Beth Plale, and Dennis Gannon


The increasing ability for the sciences to sense the world around us is resulting in a growing need for datadriven e-Science applications that are under the control of workflows composed of services on the Grid. The focus of our work is on provenance collection for these workflows that are necessary to validate the workflow and to determine quality of generated data products. The challenge we address is to record uniform and usable provenance metadata that meets the domain needs while minimizing the modification burden on the service authors and the performance overhead on the workflow engine and the services. The framework is based on generating discrete provenance activities during the lifecycle of a workflow execution that can be aggregated to form complex data and process provenance graphs that can span across workflows. The implementation uses a loosely coupled publish-subscribe architecture for propagating these activities, and the capabilities of the system satisfy the needs of detailed provenance coll


Publication typeArticle
Published inInternational Journal of Web Services Research (JWSR)
AddressHershey, PA, USA
PublisherIGI Publishing

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Bin Cao, Beth Plale, Girish Subramanian, Ed Robertson, and Yogesh Simmhan. Provenance Information Model of Karma Version 3, IEEE, July 2009.

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