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The XCAT Science Portal

Sriram Krishnan, Randall Bramley, Dennis Gannon, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Madhusudhan Govindaraju, Aleksander Slominski, Yogesh Simmhan, Jay Alameda, Richard Alkire, Timothy Drews, and Eric Webb


This paper describes the design and prototype implementation of the XCAT Grid Science Portal. The portal lets grid application programmers script complex distributed computations and package these applications with simple interfaces for others to use. Each application is packaged as a notebook which consists of web pages and editable parameterized scripts. The portal is a workstation-based specialized personal web server, capable of executing the application scripts and launching remote grid applications for the user. The portal server can receive event streams published by the application and grid resource information published by Network Weather Service (NWS) or Autopilot sensors. Notebooks can be published and stored in web based archives for others to retrieve and modify. The XCAT Grid Science Portal has been tested with various applications, including the distributed simulation of chemical processes in semiconductor manufacturing and collaboratory support for X-ray crystallographers.


Publication typeArticle
Published inScientific Programming
AddressAmsterdam, The Netherlands
PublisherIOS Press
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