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SWARM: An Actuated Wearable for Mediating Affect

Michele A. Williams, Asta Roseway, Chris O’Dowd, Mary Czerwinski, and Meredith Ringel Morris


We present SWARM, a wearable affective technology designed to help a user to reflect on their own emotional state, modify their affect, and interpret the emotional states of others. SWARM aims for a universal design (inclusive of people with various disabilities), with a focus on modular actuation components to accommodate users’ sensory capabilities and preferences, and a scarf form-factor meant to reduce the stigma of accessible technologies through a fashionable embodiment. Using an iterative, user-centered approach, we present SWARM’s design. Additionally, we contribute findings for communicating emotions through technology actuations, wearable design techniques (including a modular soft circuit design technique that fuses conductive fabric with actuation components), and universal design considerations for wearable technology.


Publication typeInproceedings
Published inProceedings of TEI 2015
PublisherACM – Association for Computing Machinery
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