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A Web-Based Aggregated Platform for User-Contributed Interactive Media Broadcasting

Jingjing Liu, Yalou Huang, Dong Li, Fanghao Wu, and Bin Li


In this paper, we present a web-based aggregated platform, DJ DreamFactory, which enables average users to effortlessly participate in and contribute to interactive media broadcasting over the Internet. The platform overcomes several shortcomings of existing Internet-based broadcasting systems, such as inconvenience in channel surfing and content browsing due to the scattering and isolating of broadcasting stations, difficulties in setting up a broadcasting station, lack of communications between broadcasters and audience, and little support for personalized experience. The proposed platform facilitates users’ media access by seamlessly aggregating sporadic broadcasting stations run by individual hosts, and enables a virtual community where grassroots users can contribute to media broadcasting, sharing, organizing and annotating through social networking. In addition, it supports real-time multimodal interaction between audience and hosts, provides customized services for both broadcasters and audience, supports personalized media experiences by mining and managing audience’s preferences, and facilitates the organization of unstructured media data collections as well as collective human intelligence on the Web.


Publication typeProceedings
PublisherACM Multimedia 2007
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