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Review Sentiment Scoring via a Parse-and-Paraphrase Paradigm

Jingjing Liu and Stephanie Seneff


This paper presents a parse-and-paraphrase paradigm to assess the degrees of sentiment for product reviews. Sentiment identification has been well studied; however, most previous work provides binary polarities only (positive and negative), and the polarity of sentiment is simply reversed when a negation is detected. The extraction of lexical features such as unigram/bigram also complicates the sentiment classification task, as linguistic structure such as implicit long-distance dependency is often disregarded. In this paper, we propose an approach to extracting adverb-adjective-noun phrases based on clause structure obtained by parsing sentences into a hierarchical representation. We also propose a robust general solution for modeling the contribution of adverbials and negation to the score for degree of sentiment. In an application involving extracting aspect-based pros and cons from restaurant reviews, we obtained a 45% relative improvement in recall through the use of parsing methods, while also improving precision.


Publication typeProceedings
PublisherEMNLP 2009
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