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ASGARD: a Portable Architecture for Multilingual Dialogue Systems

Jingjing Liu, Panupong Pasupat, Scott Cyphers, and Jim Glass


Spoken dialogue systems have been studied for years, yet portability is still one of the biggest challenges in terms of language extensibility, domain scalability, and platform compatibility. In this work, we investigate the portability issue from the language understanding perspective and present the Asgard architecture, a CRF-based (Conditional Random Fields) and crowd-sourcing-centered framework, which supports expert-free development of multilingual dialogue systems and seamless deployment to mobile platforms. Combinations of linguistic and statistical features are employed for multilingual semantic understanding, such as n-grams, tokenization and part-of-speech. English and Mandarin systems in various domains (movie, flight and restaurant) are implemented with the proposed framework and ported to mobile platforms as well, which sheds lights on large-scale speech App development.


Publication typeProceedings
PublisherICASSP 2013
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