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Notes on Artificial Intellegence (什么是人工智能? in Chinese)

Bojun Huang


The "Boolean Logic" computing model enlightens what a digital computer (e.g. eletronic computers, human neuro networks, or even a billiard table) CAN do, while the "Turing machine" computing model draws the boundary on what such a computer CANNOT do. The ultimate goal of AI research is to answer the question: Is the remarkable phenomemon of human intellegence computable? After introducing all the key concepts around this topic, the article popularizes the major features of the general focus of the current AI research community. This article is published in the Chinese version of the popular science magazine "NEWTON". Thanks so much to Chen Fang for commissioning the article.


Publication typeMiscellaneous
Book titleNEWTON - Science World
JournalNEWTON - Science World
PublisherNEWTON - Science World
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