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The CALO Meeting Assistant System

Gokhan Tur, Andreas Stolcke, Lynn Voss, Dilek Hakkani-Tur, John Dowding, Benoit Favre, Raquel Fernandez, Matthew Frampton, Mike Frandsen, Clint Frederickson, Martin Graciarena, Donald Kintzing, Kyle Leveque, Shane Mason, John Niekrasz, Matthew Purver, Korbinian Riedhammer, Jing Tien, Dimitra Vergyri, and Fan Yang


The CALO Meeting Assistant (MA) provides for distributed meeting capture, annotation, automatic transcription and semantic analysis of multiparty meetings, and is part of the larger CALO personal assistant system. This paper presents the CALO-MA architecture and its speech recognition and understanding components, which include real-time and offline speech transcription, dialog act segmentation and tagging, topic identification and segmentation, question-answer pair identification, action item recognition, decision extraction, and summarization.


Publication typeArticle
Published inIEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
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