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Marginal Rich Users in Urban Indian Slums

Nimmi Rangaswamy and Sumitra Nair


In this paper we describe our observations on the practices ofexperiences with marginalized users of ICTs in urban Indian slums. We use the term ‘marginal’ to denote users in resource-poor environments with little or no formal ICT backbone infrastructures or training facility. In particular, we seek to highlight juxtapose the poverty of state or donor investments and the bounty of contextual socio-economic mechanisms in producing the ‘marginal rich user’ in the absence of state and donor investments with. These unfold to reveal an interesting admixture of supplying to, and expenditure and use management by the marginal user of ICT devices, especially the mobile phone and the mobile internet. Deploying two profiles: One of a margin rich mobile phone entrepreneur, and another of a margin rich mbile internt user, wWe argue that the marginal users are a category no less than the mainstream user in ambitiously kneading technology to suit desires


Publication typeInproceedings
PublisherACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
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