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Jogging over a Distance between Europe and Australia

Florian 'Floyd' Mueller, Frank Vetere, Martin Gibbs, Darren Edge, Stefan Agamanolis, and Jennifer Sheridan


Exertion activities, such as jogging, require users to invest intense physical effort and are associated with physical and social health benefits. Despite the benefits, our understanding of exertion activities is limited, especially when it comes to social experiences. In order to begin understanding how to design for technologically augmented social exertion experiences, we present “Jogging over a Distance”, a system in which spatialized audio based on heart rate allowed runners as far apart as Europe and Australia to run together. Our analysis revealed how certain aspects of the design facilitated a social experience, and consequently we describe a framework for designing augmented exertion activities. We make recommendations as to how designers could use this framework to aid the development of future social systems that aim to utilize the benefits of exertion.


Publication typeInproceedings
Published inUIST 2010 Conference on User Interface Software and Technology
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