Part Analogies in Sets of Objects

Shy Shalom, Lior Shapira, Ariel Shamir, and Daniel Cohen-Or


Shape retrieval can benefit from analogies among similar shapes and

parts of different objects. By partitioning an object to meaningful

parts and finding analogous parts in other objects, sub-parts and

partial match queries can be utilized. First by searching for

similar parts in the context of their shape, and second by finding

similarities even among objects that differ in their general shape and

topology. Moreover, analogies can create the basis for semantic

text-based searches: for instance, in this paper we demonstrate a

simple annotation tool that carries tags of object parts from one

model to many others using analogies. We partition 3D

objects based on the shape-diameter function (SDF), and use it to

find corresponding parts in other objects. We present results on

finding analogies among numerous objects from shape repositories,

and demonstrate sub-part queries using an implementation of a simple

search and retrieval application.


Publication typeInproceedings
Published in3DOR
PublisherEurographics Association
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