Principal-channels for One-sided Object Cutout

Lior Gavish, Lior Shapira, Lior Wolf, and Daniel Cohen-Or


We introduce principal-channels for cutting out objects from an

image by one-sided scribbles. We demonstrate that few scribbles, all

from within the object of interest, are sufficient to mark it out.

One-sided scribbles provide significantly less information than

two-sided ones. Thus, it is required to maximize the use of

image-information. Our approach is to first analyze the image with a

large filter bank and generate a high-dimensional feature space. We

then extract a set of principal-channels that discern one object

from another. We show that by applying an iterative graph-cut

optimization over the principal-channels, we can cut out the object

of interest.


Publication typeArticle
Published inVisual Computer
AddressSecaucus, NJ, USA
PublisherSpringer-Verlag New York, Inc.
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