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Real-time Human Action Search using Random Forest based Hough Voting

Gang Yu, Junsong Yuan, and Zicheng Liu


Many existing techniques in content based video retrieval treat a video sequence as a whole to match it against a query video or to assign a text label. Such an approach has serious limitations when applied to human action retrieval because an action may occur only in a sub-region and last for a small portion of the video length. In situations like this, we essen- tially need to match the subvolumes of the video sequences against the query video. A naive exhaustive search is im- practical due to large number of possible subvolumes for each video sequence. In this paper, we propose a novel framework for action retrieval which performs pattern matching at sub- volume level and is very efficient in handling large corpus of videos. We construct an unsupervised random forest to in- dex the video database, generate a score volume with Hough voting and then employ a max sub-path strategy to quickly search for the temporal and spatial positions of all the video sequences in the database. We present action search experi- ments on challenging datasets to validate the efficiency and effectiveness of our system.


Publication typeProceedings
Published inMultimeda (ACMMM)
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