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A complexity reduction of ETSI advanced front-end for DSR

Jinyu Li, Bo Liu, Ren-Hua Wang, and Li-Rong Dai


In Oct. 2002, Advanced Front-End (AFE) for Distributed Speech Recognition (DSR) was standardized by ETSI. In order to use AFE feature on low computational resource devices, we propose a novel approach to improve the computational efficiency. In our new algorithm, the structure of two-stage melwarped Wiener filtering algorithm, which is the main part of AFE, is modified. Wiener filter is constructed and applied directly in mel-warped filter-bank domain. The measures we take make many time-consuming operations in original algorithm completely unnecessary, including the re-calculations of power spectrum and the time-domain convolution operations. Consequently, a large amount of computations are saved. Experiments show that the new approach can substantially reduce the computation load while preserving the excellent performance of the ETSI AFE.


Publication typeInproceedings
Published inProc. ICASSP
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