A novelsearch algorithm for LSF VQ

Jinyu Li, Xin Luo, and Ren-Hua Wang


Because classical fast vector quantization(VQ) algorithms can't

be used in the LSF vector quantizers that use varying weighted

Euclidean distance, a novel fast VQ search algorithm —CRVQCS

(Constrained Range Vector Quantization based on

Component Searching) is presented in this paper. The CRVQ-CS

algorithm works well with the varying weighted Euclidean

distance and yields the same result as full search VQ with reduced

computational complexity does. Although the CRVQ-CS

algorithm is proposed for VQ using varying weighted Euclidean

distance measure, it is also suitable for VQ using simple

Euclidean distance measure.


Publication typeInproceedings
Published inProc. ICSLP
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