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On Theme Location Discovery for Travelogue Services

Mao Ye, Rong Xiao, Wang-Chien Lee, and Xing Xie


In this paper, we aim to develop a travelogue service that discovers and conveys various travelogue digests, in form of theme locations, geographical scope, traveling trajectory and location snippet, to users. In this service, theme locations in a travelogue are the core information to discover. Thus we aim to address the problem of theme location discovery to enable the above travelogue services. Due to the inherent ambiguity of location relevance, we perform location relevance mining (LRM) in two complementary angles, relevance classification and relevance ranking, to provide comprehensive understanding of locations. Furthermore, we explore the textual (e.g., surrounding words) and geographical (e.g., geographical relationship among locations) features of locations to develop a co-training model for enhancement of classification performance. Built upon the mining result of LRM, we develop a series of techniques for provisioning of the aforementioned travelogue digests in our travelogue system. Finally, we conduct comprehensive experiments on collected travelogues to evaluate the performance of our location relevance mining techniques and demonstrate the effectiveness of the travelogue service.


Publication typeInproceedings
Published inACM SIGIR 2011
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