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Beyond Search: A technology Probe Investigation

E. Bryant, R.Harper, and P.Gosset


Purpose — We assert that researchers developing new web interaction tools should consider an array of user motives beyond query-based information retrieval. This chapter reports on two probes used to investigate user activities that go beyond search as traditionally conceived. Design/methodology — This chapter reviews research on user experiences with search engines and general web use. It then describes the design and case study of cards and pebbles, two search engine- AU :1 based probes developed to help elicit new concepts for web-based experiences. Findings — Participants reflect on their experiences with the probes and offer ideas regarding how to incrementally shift the traditional search paradigm and conceive of the web in new ways. Implications/value — This investigation serves as a starting point by offering criteria that should be considered when designing new ‘beyond search’ tools.


Publication typeInbook
PublisherEmerald Library and Information Science
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