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Taking as an Act of Sharing

Helena M. Mentis, Siân E. Lindley, Stuart Taylor, Paul Dunphy, Tim Regan, and Richard Harper


We present findings from the deployment of a mobile application, Take and Give, which allows users to place image files in a virtual folder or ‘Pocket’ on a mobile phone. This content can be viewed by a set of ‘Buddies’, who can, if they wish, attempt to take ownership of a file for themselves, following which they can keep it, delete it, or place it in the Pocket of someone else. There is only one version of each file, creating a twist on traditional sharing technologies. We report findings from a three week trial of the application in an office space, and describe how Take and Give provided a means of self-presentation and supported a sense of awareness, mutual attentiveness and connectedness. Our findings suggest that the taking of unique content can be an engaging form of sharing and can facilitate awareness and connectedness between people.


Publication typeInproceedings
Published inProceedings of the 2012 ACM conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
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