Region of Interest Determination Using Human Computation

Flavio Ribeiro and Dinei Florencio


The ability to identify and track visually interesting

regions has many practical applications – for example, in image

and video compression, visual marketing and foveal machine

vision. Due to challenges in modeling the peculiarities of human

physiological and psychological responses, automatic detection of

fixation points is an open problem. Indeed, no objective methods

are currently capable of fully modeling the human perception

of regions of interest (ROIs). Thus, research often relies on user

studies with eye tracking systems. In this paper we propose a costeffective

and convenient alternative, obtained by having internet

workers annotate videos with ROI coordinates. The workers use

an interactive video player with a simulated mouse-driven fovea,

which models the fall-off in resolution of the human visual system.

Since this approach is not supervised, we implement methods for

identifying inaccurate or malicious results. Using this proposal,

one can collect ROI data in an automated fashion, and at a much

lower cost than laboratory studies.


Publication typeInproceedings
PublisherIEEE SPS
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