Implementing Performance Competitive Logical Recovery

New hardware platforms, e.g. cloud, multi-core, etc., have led to

a reconsideration of database system architecture. Our Deuteron-

omy project separates transactional functionality from data man-

agement functionality, enabling a flexible response to exploiting

new platforms. This separation requires, however, that recovery

is described logically. In this paper, we extend current recovery

methods to work in this logical setting. While this is straightfor-

ward in principle, performance is an issue. We show how ARIES

style recovery optimizations can work for logical recovery where

page information is not captured on the log. In side-by-side per-

formance experiments using a common log, we compare logical

recovery with a state-of-the art ARIES style recovery implementa-

tion and show that logical redo performance can be competitive.

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