PASS: Peer-aware Silence Suppression for Internet Voice Conferences

Xun Xu, Li-wei He, Dinei Florencio, and Yong Rui


A novel tandem-free solution for multiparty VoIP conferences

called PASS (Peer-Aware Silence Suppression) is presented.

Similar to traditional tandem-free solutions, PASS introduces a

limit on the number of concurrent speakers in a conference. But in

contrast to traditional solutions, PASS silence suppression and

speaker selection are completely distributed, running on each

client. No speaker selection is performed at the bridge at all. This

configuration leads to better scalability, lower bandwidth

occupation and jitter buffer delay, and higher compatibility with a

wide variety of network topologies. The key component of PASS,

distributed silence suppression and speaker selection, is realized

through a robust approach proposed in this paper. Based on a voice

activity measure derived using machine learning techniques, this

approach is able to reliably suppress silence in complex

environments, and perform accurate and transparent speaker

selection as well.


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