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A Generative Approach for Image-Based Modeling of Tumor Growth

Bjoern H. Menze, Koen Van Leemput, Antti Honkela, Ender Konukoglu, Marc-Andre Weber, Nicholas Ayache, and Polina Golland


Extensive imaging is routinely used in brain tumor patients to monitor the state of the disease and to evaluate therapeutic options. A large number of multi-modal and multi-temporal image volumes is acquired in standard clinical cases, requiring new approaches for com- prehensive integration of information from different image sources and different time points. In this work we propose a joint generative model of tumor growth and of image observation that naturally handles multi- modal and longitudinal data. We use the model for analyzing imaging data in patients with glioma. The tumor growth model is based on a reaction-diffusion framework. Model personalization relies only on a for- ward model for the growth process and on image likelihood. We take advantage of an adaptive sparse grid approximation for efficient infer- ence via Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling. The approach can be used for integrating information from different multi-modal imaging protocols and can easily be adapted to other tumor growth models.


Publication typeInproceedings
Published inInformation Processing in Medical Imaging (IPMI)
PublisherSpringer Verlag
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