Fast Personalized PageRank on MapReduce

Bahman Bahmani, Kaushik Chakrabarti, and Dong Xin


In this paper, we design a fast MapReduce algorithm for

Monte Carlo approximation of personalized PageRank vec-

tors of all the nodes in a graph. The basic idea is very

efficiently doing single random walks of a given length start-

ing at each node in the graph. More precisely, we design a

MapReduce algorithm, which given a graph G and a length

λ, outputs a single random walk of length λ starting at each

node in G. We will show that the number of MapReduce

iterations used by our algorithm is optimal among a broad

family of algorithms for the problem, and its I/O efficiency

is much better than the existing candidates. We will then

show how we can use this algorithm to very efficiently ap-

proximate all the personalized PageRank vectors. Our em-

pirical evaluation on real-life graph data and in production

MapReduce environment shows that our algorithm is signif-

icantly more efficient than all the existing algorithms in the

MapReduce setting.


Publication typeInproceedings
Published inACM SIGMOD Conference
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