Revocation for Delegatable Anonymous Credentials

Tolga Acar and Lan Nguyen


This paper introduces and formalizes homomorphic proofs that allow `adding' proofs and proof statements to get a new proof of the `sum' statement.

Additionally, we introduce a construction of homomorphic proofs, and show an accumulator scheme with delegatable non-membership proofs (ADNMP) as one of its applications with provable security.

Finally, the proposed accumulator method extends the BCCKLS scheme to create a new provably secure revocable delegatable anonymous credential (RDAC) system.

Intuitively, the new accumulator's delegatable non-membership (NM) proofs enable user A, without revealing her identity, to delegate to user B the ability to prove that A's identity is not included in a blacklist that can later be updated.

The delegation is redelegatable, unlinkable, and verifiable.


Publication typeTechReport
PublisherInternational Association for Cryptologic Research
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