Automatic Server to Circuit Mapping with The Red Pills

As fine grained power monitoring becomes crucial in

data centers, a challenge raises on how to correctly map

server identities to power circuits. Power provisioning,

power capping, and power tracking all depend on accurately

accounting which server consumes power from

which circuit. Manual survey is cumbersome and error

prone. We describe a solution, called Red Pill, that

can systematically and automatically identify the mapping.

The idea is to generate a power consumption pattern

(a.k.a. a signature) by controlling CPU utilization,

and to reliably detect it from circuit-level power measurements.

We describe our implementation of the Red

Pill system and evaluate it with real data traces.

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In  2010 Workshop on Power Aware Computing and Systems (HotPower '10)

Publisher  USENIX
All copyrights reserved by USENIX 2007


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