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An Interactive Multimedia Framework for Digital Heritage Narratives

Aditya Sankar, Ajay Manchepalli, Chinmay Kulkarni, Joseph Joy, Naren Datha, Neeharika Adabala, and Rebecca Walton


The cultural heritage of a region consists of both tangible physical artifacts and various intangible aspects in the form of stories associated with the regions, dance styles, rituals, etc. Hitherto, the task of creating digital representations for each of these aspects has been addressed in isolation, i.e. using specific media most suited to the artifact such as video, audio, three dimensional models, scanning, etc. The challenge of bringing together these separate elements to create a coherent story, however, still remains unaddressed. In this paper we propose a unified framework that enables the integration of disparate representations of heritage elements into a holistic entity. Our approach results in a compelling and engaging narration that affords a unified user experience. Our solution supports both active (user controlled explorations) and passive (watching pre-orchestrated narrations) user interactions. We demonstrate the capabilities of our framework though a qualitative user study based on two rich interactive narratives built using our framework: (1) history and folklore surrounding a temple in a town in South India, and (2) an historical account of the formation of an educational institution.


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