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HMM-Based Pseudo-Clean Speech Synthesis for SPLICE Algorithm

Jun Du, Yu Hu, Li-Rong Dai, and Ren-Hua Wang


In this paper, we present a novel approach to relax the constraint of stereo-data which is needed in a series of algorithms for noise-robust speech recognition. As a demonstration in SPLICE algorithm, we generate the pseudo-clean features to replace the ideal clean features from one of the stereo channels, by using HMM-based speech synthesis. Experimental results on aurora2 database show that the performance of our approach is comparable with that of SPLICE. Further improvements are achieved by concatenating a bias adaptation algorithm to handle unknown environments. Relative word error rate reductions of 66% and 24% are achieved over the baseline systems in the clean-training and multi-training conditions, respectively.


Publication typeProceedings
Published inProc. of ICASSP 2010
> Publications > HMM-Based Pseudo-Clean Speech Synthesis for SPLICE Algorithm