Mini-Me: A Min-Repro System for Database Systems

Nicolas Bruno and Rimma Nehme


Testing and debugging database software is often

challenging and time consuming. A very arduous task for DB

testers is finding a min-repro – the “simplest possible setup”

that reproduces the original problem. Currently, a great deal

of searching for min-repros is carried out manually using nondatabase-

specific tools, which is both slow and error-prone. We

propose to demonstrate a system, called Mini-Me1, designed to

ease and speed-up the task of finding min-repros in databaserelated

products. Mini-Me employs several effective tools, including:

the novel simplification transformations, the high-level

language for creating search scripts and automation, the “recordand-

replay” functionality, and the visualization of the search

space and results. In addition to the standard application mode,

the system can be interacted with in the game mode. The latter

can provide an intrinsically motivating environment for developing

successful search strategies by DB testers, which can be datamined

and recorded as patterns and used as recommendations

for DB testers in the future. Potentially, a system like Mini-Me

can save hours of time (for both customers and testers to isolate a

problem), which could result in faster fixes and large cost savings

to organizations.


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