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Level-Based Link Analysis

Guang Feng, Tie-Yan Liu, Xu-Dong Zhang, Tao Qin, Bin Gao, and Wei-Ying Ma


In order to get high-quality web pages, search engines often resort retrieval pages by their ranks. The rank is a kind of measurement of importance of pages. Famous ranking algorithms, including PageRank and HITS, make use of hyperlinks to compute the importance. Those algorithms consider all hyperlinks identically in sense of recommendation. However, we find that the World Wide Web is actually organized with the natural multi-level structure. Benefiting from the level properties of pages, we can describe the recommendation of hyperlinks more reasonably and precisely. With this motivation, a new level-based link analysis algorithm is proposed in this paper. In the proposed algorithm, the recommendation weight of each hyperlink is computed with the level properties of its two endings. Experiments on the topic distillation task of TREC2003 web track show that our algorithm can evidently improve searching results as compared to previous link analysis methods.


Publication typeProceedings
PublisherSpringer Verlag
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