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This download represents the source code supporting the 2012 SIGGRAPH paper, “Foveated 3D Graphics”, available at Dependencies on any specific gaze tracker have been removed, and replaced by function stubs which track the mouse cursor. The stubs may be filled in with calls to any high speed low latency gaze tracker. In particular, the key anti-aliasing techniques as described in the paper are demonstrated. The source code implementing the foveated rendering techniques is...
Date: 17 September 2014
Version: 1.0
Size: 47.07 MB
Type: Download
This code demonstrates how to use the symbolic-differentiation feature in the High Level Shading Language (HLSL) for DirectX. It also includes a simple geometric modeling program for creating procedural geometry shaders. The modeler is now significantly faster and should be interactive even on relatively slow computers.
Date: 25 July 2011
Version: 1.3
Size: 1.19 MB
Type: Download
D* is a program for efficiently computing symbolic derivatives. This release includes source code tutorials showing basic D* usage, source code for Lagrangian dynamics, and source code for a simple geometric modeler. This version has a new linear time dynamics algorithm which is much faster than the algorithm used in previous releases, especially for systems with many degrees of freedom. The FAQ has been expanded with more details on techniques for optimizing performance.
Date: 1 September 2009
Version: 0.28
Size: 28.74 MB
Type: Download
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