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With the Project Hawaii software-development kit for the Android operating system, you can develop Android applications that take advantage of cloud services and Windows Azure for computation and data storage. Project Hawaii provides the tools and services; you provide the creativity and imagination.
Date: 20 September 2012
Version: 2.1
Size: 1.80 MB
Type: Download
This GPS trajectory dataset was collected in (Microsoft Research Asia) Geolife project by 182 users in a period of over three years (from April 2007 to August 2012). A GPS trajectory of this dataset is represented by a sequence of time-stamped points, each of which contains the information of latitude, longitude and altitude. This dataset contains 17,621 trajectories with a total distance of about 1.2 million kilometers and a total duration of 48,000+ hours. These trajectories were recorded by different...
Date: 9 August 2012
Version: 1.2.2
Size: 298.66 MB
Type: Download
CrowdMOS is a set of scripts and tools for performing evaluations of the subjective quality of media such as audio or images using crowdsourcing via Amazon Mechanical Turk. This package is designed to enable low cost, efficient assessments of signal processing algorithms, e.g., compression, denoising, or enhancement, using standard tests such as MOS (Mean Opinion Score) or MUSHRA (MUltiple Stimuli with Hidden Reference and Anchor).
Date: 26 April 2011
Version: 0.1
Size: 0.98 MB
Type: Download
ELDA, formerly known as SureMail, is a Microsoft Research project designed to address the problem of e-mail loss. Approximately 1 percent of all e-mail is lost because of infrastructure failures and aggressive spam filtering, and because e-mail loss is a "silent" problem, users generally aren't even aware of it. ELDA is an Outlook 2007 add-in that alerts users of e-mail sent to them that has been delayed or lost.
Date: 8 February 2008
Version: 2007.12.10.0
Size: 6.38 MB
Type: Download
The Community Bar is an Internet Explorer plug-in that adds context-dependent content to the Web-browsing experience. As a user browses the Web, he or she can exchange notes from other people who visited the same page, chat with other people viewing the same page, tag the page with a bookmark or a category label, view all the in-links to the page, find related pages, perform context-specific search, and see blog postings related to the page. Install and check it out today!
Date: 7 June 2006
Version: 1.0
Size: 2.00 MB
Type: Download
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